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  • Ainokura Village-Gokayama Traditional Houses in the Gassho Style

    Visit to the World Heritage Site, The Historic Villages of Gokayama with Traditional Houses in the Gassho Style

    Go around the World Heritage Site, The Historic Villages of Gokayama with Traditional Houses in the Gassho Style: Arrival and departure at Toyama Stat...

  • Hot Air Balloon Free Flight Adventure ~See Drift-Ice from the Balloon!~

    A bird's-eye-view of drift-ice on Sea of Okhotsk is spectacular!

    Enjoy a superb view of the severe winter of Hokkaido!

  • Enjoy Winter in Sapporo! Empty-Handed Ice Fishing!
    And Let’s eat “Wakasagi” Fish Tempura you just caught!!

    This is what we call Hokkaido!

    River Smelt Ice Fishing and Cooking Tempura on Frozen River!!

  • Blue Pond

    Shirogane Winter Illumination Bus Tour 2016-2017

    The bus tour will take you to The Blue Pond and Shirahige Waterfalls.

  • Snow rafting

    Rafting in winter: Snow-rafting and snowmobile riding.

    A snowmobile pulls a raft, which slides down snow-covered hills; You can ride in a raft or a snowmobile, and warm up in a hot spring.

  • ★Reservation!! ¥300 discount for adult★Popular Spots ・Okinawa One-day Sightseeing Bus Tour<Including Tickets to Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium and Ryukyu Mura>

    Driving along Kouri-Ohashi Bridge, the longest toll-free bridge in Japan,offers you breathtakingly picturesque seascapes!

    You should see the whale ...

  • TOHOKU BUFFET Become apple farmer

    TOHOKU BUFFET Become apple farmer

    Farm work experience with lunch

  • Geisha Evenings in Kanazawa

    At "Kaikaro"teahouse in Higashi Chayagai district you can enjoy Geisha performances featuring dances, Japanese drums, and the landlady's commentary in...

  • Takayama

    Shirakawa-go Village Takayama Platinum Route Tour

    One day bus trip from Kanazawa
    A world Heritage site, Shirakawa-go, and "Little Kyoto" Hida-Takayama round tour!
    Lunch in Shirakawa-go and rice cra...

  • Shirakawa-go

    SHORYUDO Highway Bus Ticket (valid for 3 days)

    This ticket proveides unlimited use of highway buses connecting Nagoya, Takayama,
    Shirakawa-go, Kanazawa,and Toyama and gives you free access to

  • Shirakawago

    World Heritage Village Tour

    Enjoy Shirakawa-go, a UNESCO World Heritage site, and the historic Gassho-zukuri (a thatched house with a steep roof) villages in Gokayama, Toyama in ...

  • Tottori Sand Dunes Paragliding Experience!

    Try a paragliding flight in the wind with no obstacles, and land at soft sand dunes.
    Experienced instructors will support you, meaning that women who ...

  • Night view of Yokohama Minatomirai

    Yokohama Minato Mirai [50-minute Night Cruising] with One Free Drink

    Cruise around Yokohama port!
    Minato Mirai - Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse - Osan -bashi - Yamashita Park - Hikawa Maru - Bay bridge

  • Mt.Fuji, Climbing for 2 Days & ! Night Course

    Families and, groups are welcome! Mt. Fuji climbing for beginners.

  • Radiant sea fireflies

    Experience Lights of Sea Fireflies! Sea Kayak Night Touring! Hiroshima Onomichi Sightseeing Plan! [Murakami Suigun Company]

    Explore radiant sea fireflies in the night ocean with Sea kayak! Enjoy night view on the Setonaikai the Seto Inland sea

  • The story of amazing Milky Way begins here. The Milky Way travels through clear night sky, which 70% of Japanese people are not able to see. <Shinano-omachi at the Foot of the Northern Japan Alps>

    Watch the Milky Way lying on the seats, camping beds or hammock over coffee and sweets of Shinano-omachi.

  • 1-Day Mt. Fuji & Hakone Tour (Return by Motorcoach)

    1. This guided 1-day tour takes you to majestic Mt. Fuji and Hakone. It includes a trip up to Mt. Fuji's 5th Station at an elevation of 2,300 meters, ...

  • Hakkoda Ropeway

    TOHOKU BUFFET Hakkoda Golden root of Aomori: Towada-ko Lake and Oirase Stream

    Hachinohe ? Towada Lake ? Hakkoda ? Aomori “Oirase bus” and “Mizuumi bus” two days unlimited ride + “Hakkoda Ropeway” one round trip + Hot...

  • 1-Day Nikko World Heritage Tour

    -Enjoy a visit to Nikko Toshogu Shrine, a registered World Heritage Site.
    -Visit Kegon Falls, counted among the greatest waterfalls in Japan. (*Excep...

  • Visiting the sumo stable to watch morning sumo practice.

    Let's go to watch sumo practice at sumo stable in Tokyo!

  • Guide you to the natural lava tube caves in the underground of Aokigahara Jukai

    Explore mysterious Aokigahara Jukai Forest and the Caves: Course A

    Explore the lava tube caves created by Mt.Fuji and giant trees of Beech and Mongolian oak in mysterious Aokigahara Jukai

  • Rail Mountain Bike! Most Popular Plan for Gifu Prefecture!

    World first rail mountain bike will run through the former Kamioka railway.

  • Touring to deserted islands

    Ago Bay Eco Tour Sea Kayak Touring

    The beautiful sea of Shima - Experience sea kayak at Ago bay

  • Sea of cloud (only for reference)

    Good Luck! Pray to the Rising Sun Tour

    Sea of clouds in Kunimigaoka to be seen early morning in autumn through winter. It depends if you can see it under perfect natural conditions. Even if...

  • Make A Cookie at the Sapporo Chocolate Factory, with Taxi Pick-Up Service

    Make your own heart-shaped "Shiroi Koibito” Cookie!

    Pick-up service available from your hotel in Sapporo!

  • Explore North Kanto (Ibaraki, Tochigi, Gunma) in an S-class Rental Car with a 3-night 4-day Stay in a Hot Springs Ryokan (Tokyo Departure)

    Head out on a trip to Ibaraki, Tochigi, and Gunma from Tokyo in about 2-3 hours! This is a bargain plan that includes stays at hotels and a rental car...

  • Fireflies

    Firefly watching Eco Tour

    Luciola being carefully protected in Hayashi district for a very long time
    Their mysterious dance appearing from the heart of the mountains will take...

  • Roten-buro (Open-air bath) in Shinkan Baisyokaku

    【Nagasaki City】Enjoy the Nagasaki's Specialty "Shippoku"Full-Course Dinner in the Room with the spectacular Night View!

    Please enjoy Nagasaki's special dish "Shippoku" in the room overlooking the spectacular night view of Nagasaki.

  • Diving experience

    Izu Osesaki Diving Experience 'Let's play with fish!'

    Play with fish while diving in the beautiful sea of Izu

  • Snowmobile experience

    Yuri Area Tour【Yurihn Tourism】 Snowmobile Experience

    Snowmobile is one of the typical winter sports. Why don't you draw ski trails in the snow? You can totally have the most refreshing experience in the ...

  • Helicopter (The image only for reference)

    Chartered [Helicopter Cruise] Sightseeing Flight Over Aizu City/Let's Enjoy Sky Travel Like a Bird!

    Enjoy views of Urabandai, Inawashiro Lake and Goshikinuma below your eyes on the chartered helicopter chartered

  • Fox Village

    TOHOKU BUFFET Easily go to fox village by taxi

    Round trip by taxi between Shiroishizao Station and Fox Village

    Miyagi Zao Fox Village has over 100 foxes freely roaming in the pasture.
    The village ...

  • Foot bath

    Oedo Onsen Monogatari: Odaiba in Tokyo, one day tour

    "Oedo Onsen Monogatari", hot spring theme park in Odaiba featuring cheerful atmosphere of downtown Edo.
    There are 13 kinds of baths such as "Oedo onse...

  • Coastal Horseback Riding

    Coastal Horseback Riding Along the Sea of Japan with Taxi Pick-Up Service

    British style riding along the seashore and plains of Hokkaido!
    Even total beginners can enjoy a relaxing, carefree ride!

  • Walking Tour in Tsukiji

    You can customize the Tsukiji fish market tour!

  • Sea Kayak Tour: Explore the Uninhabited Islands Around Suhara Breach in Wakayama

    We invite you to the exciting sea kayak tours in the best spots in Kansai: You find a variety of courses of exploring the caves and the uninhabited is...

  • Walking Saitama with Street Food: Kawagoe 'Ancient Edo' Walking Tour

    1. Kawagoe is a prosperous castle town known as 'Little Edo.' Here visitors can enjoy the traditional atmosphere of the town's streets and buildings, ...

  • Enjoy Canadian canoe experience with the view of Mt. Fuji and Lake Kawaguchiko.

    You can enjoy various experiences in nature like Mt. Fuji and Lake Kawaguchiko.

  • Tobu World Square


    You can see World Heritage shrines and temples, and visit a theme park in the Kinugawa Onsen area. *Nikko shrine and temples are not included.


    Feel the Sky and Sea at TOKYO SKYTREE TOWN


    ● TOBU RAILWAY Section-Limited 1DA...

  • Diving Experience

    [Departures from Osaka! Diving experience in Wakasa, Fukui] <No diving experiences needed!> Enjoy the transparent Japan Sea!

    Diving at high tranparent 'Fukui Prefecture Wakasa Takahama' without the license!
    You can also enjoy yourself on the beach, not riding on the boat.

  • Experience Snowland Fun and Strawberry-picking in Gunma with All-you-can-eat Crab & Shrimp Lunch

    -Play in the snow, savor all-you-can-eat crab, and pick some strawberries--lots of activities on this 1-day tour!
    -At the snowland area, have fun pla...

  • <Niigata Ogamidake> Paraglider experience!

    Paragliding experience over the gentle slope: why don't you enjoy feeling gently floating over the hill under the instructor's guide? It is safe for e...

  • The ancient forest of the gods near Kurobe dam

    Nature Walk and Nature Observation - Tour of Kurobe Dam and the Ancient Forest of the Gods

    The center of Northern Japan Alps Enjoy the artificial excellence of Kurobe dam and the ancient natural beauty of the forest

  • Kanazawa Castle Park


    This is a sightseeing bus tour conducted by an English speaking guide who is familiar with the history and culture of KANAZAWA and take you to several...

  • 《Osaka City Helicopter Charter Cruise》

    Enjoy aerial views of Osaka's landmarks!
    Please select from among 6 courses (4 minutes -30 minutes).

    Charter cruise pricing starts from 17,000 yen.
    About 30-minutes drive from Umeda, Namba. Enjoy sweeping views of Osaka from up in the sky! Available ...

  • 1-Day Fukuoka Bus Tour - Yanagawa River Cruise and Yame Central Tea Garden (Round-trip from Fukuoka) (with English-speaking Guide)

    1. In Yanagawa, experience riding a Donko boat and enjoy a leisurely cruise while taking in the beautiful scenery of seasonal flowers and historical s...

  • 1 Night 2 Day Kusatsu Now Resort Family Skiing & Fun in the Snow (Round-trip from Shinjuku with Non-stop Bus)

    1. Easy, no transfer travel via exclusive bus to a mountain spa resort within the grounds of the Balz no Mori National Park.
    2. Includes a ticket to ...

  • Kawazuzakura (Kawazu cherry blossoms)

    Feel Japan: Trip around the Keikyu Line  (Misaki Maguro Day Trip Ticket)

    The region along the Keikyu railroad line is famous for tuna and Kawazu cherry blossoms, both of which are popular with foreigners; Let's enjoy a trip...

  • We use the same traditional makeup techniques as real maikos for a fully immersive experience. We can achieve great results with all face shapes and complexions.

    Maiko Experience in Kyoto 【Kyoto Kimono Rental YUMEYAKATA】

    3 Studio shots.

    "I've always wanted to turn myself into a lovely exotic Japanese maiko in Kyoto!"

  • Yokohama Three Towers

    "History and Buildings of Kannai district"
    1 hour short sightseeing tour around Yokohama

    Having acquired "Kanagawa Tourist Taxi Driver Certificate", our professional drivers would be happy to guide you arout the Kannai area.

  • Sushi (Hand‐rolled sushi)

    Sumida River Cruise and Hamarikyu Garden &All-You-Can-Eat 13 kinds of Sushi in Tsukiji

    Get on a cruise on Sumida River from Asakusa to Hamarikyu Gardens, pass by TOKYO SKYTREE! Walk around beautiful Hamarikyu Garden and enjoy seasonal fl...

  • Shiro-Akari (Illumination for Hikone Castle)

    DRAMATIC LEGACY: Tales from Truly Breathtaking Historical Heritage

    Lightening ceremony at Hikone castle and Tagataisya shrine

  • Araha Beach

    [Okinawa ・ Chatan] A New Hoverboard Experience at Araha Beach to Delight the Senses!

    Is that skateboarding on water? Snowboarding? No!

    It's a new marine sport that takes you into the air!

  • You will have a happy making time with a patisier.

    Experience Japanese Confectionery Making at "KAMEYA YOSHINAGA" in Kyoto! ~ Fresh wagashi with Matcha Green tea~

    You can enjoy soft fresh sweets and matcha green tea at the long established Kyoto confectionary that started in Kyowa era three years (1803)

  • [Ishinomaki-City Sanriku-Area Miyagi-Prefecture] Diving Experience - Enjoy diving even without license!

    Dive into the sea of Sanriku, Miyagi prefecture! Explore great nature!

  • 1-Day Nikko & Ninja Tour

    -Enjoy easy access to Nikko Edomura, a location that is difficult for individual travelers to reach, via bus from Toshogu Shrine on this tour.


  • Turn Yourself into Breathtakingly Beautiful Japanese Oiran, High-class Courtesan (of the Edo Period) Oiran Castume Dress-Up Course

    The professional staff can transform you into an amazingly beautiful oiran by dressing up, applying makeup and hair styling in the gorgeous background...

  • 1-Day Kyoto & Nara Tour

    1. Visit the most famous sightseeing spots in Kyoto and Nara, including World Heritage sites.
    2. Spend time in two ancient Japanese cities on this 1-...

  • Lake Toya

    《English-speaking guide》 Lake Toya, Showa Shinzan, Noboribetsu Hell Valley, Japanese Scallop Lunch, Pounding Rice-cake (1-Day)

    ○Enjoy playing with snow! You can experience snow slope and other snow related activities! (from January to March)

    ● So many brown bears! Feeding...

  • Shirakamino-mori walkway

    Day Tour in a World Natural Heritage, Shirakami-mountain: "Shirakami Forest Walking" and "Hot spring bathing at Suigun Inn"

    Explore history of Shirakami through guided tours of "Shirakami Forest Walking" and "Hot spring bathing at Suigun Inn"

  • Rafting

    Gentle rafting in Meyakei valley of Shirakami

    Iwakigawa River, with its source in Shirakami-Sanchi, offers a gentle downstream rafting experience. A professional guide lead you, so beginners are w...

  • Matsushima

    TOHOKU BUFFET Classic tour in Matsushima, one of Japan’s three most scenic spots

    Pleasure cruise around Matsushima bay

    Matsushima Bay landscape like as the lady. Including mannish rough rocks. These panorama is a sequence of exci...

  • Let you dream of becoming a pilot come true!
    Flight Simulator - <Economy Class>

    Pilot an airplane in the flight deck ♪

    The most popular tour package! Tightly jammed in the cockpit, 15 minutes of excitement. Available for childr...

  • Lake Aoki firefly watching cruise during Mid July ~ late Aug

    Lake Aoki! Boating・Fishing & Cycling Happy Discount Pack.

    ≪Shinano-omachi at the Foot of Northern Japan Alps≫

    you can barbecue the fresh fish you just caught!.

    Lake Aoki! Boating・fishing・cycling happy discount pack

  • [Okinawa] Amazing Forests of Yanbaru! River Hiking!

    A thrilling, river-hiking tour!
    Prepare to make wonderful memories!

  • Whale Watching

    Whale, Dolphin and Bird Watching Course

    The highlight of Shiretoko and Raus sightseeing in summer is "Whale Watching"! The world of animals out of the sea such as Dolphins, Whales, and Seabi...

  • Naruko Onsen

    TOHOKU BUFFET Enjoy in Naruko Onsen town

    Lunch + Experience

  • Tazawa Lake

    TOHOKU BUFFET Enjoy in Tazawa lake.

    Tazawa lake pleasure cruise+Lunch

  • Sunrise from Mt.Sanpoiwadake

    [Night Trekking Tour. Departure at 1:00 AM from Kanazawa Station] Starry Sky & Sunrise Tour

    This is a special tour offer. You have a rare opportunity to enter Hakusan Shirakawa-go White Road that is closed at night! Observe a starry sky at an...

  • Geigi or Maiko (A Sample Image)

    Dressing-up experience as Geisha or Maiko

    Why don't you transform yourself into a longed-for Geigi or Maiko?
    Awara Geigi, the belle of Awara Hot Spring, dresses you; That will become your valu...

  • Enjoy Samurai and Ninja experience (60 min.)

    You can not only experience Samurai and Ninja but also learn the sword technique!

  • Image of Peach Picking (for reference only)

    Okayama Peach Picking Bus Tour

    Round bus ride between JR Okayama Station and the farm: with 1-peach picking for gift & all-you-can-eat peaches of 30 minutes in the farm

  • Witness the mysterious night sea! Enjoy fantastic moonlight?!

    [Okinawa Night Picnic Tour] Explore the Dark and Exciting Tidal Flats and Mangrove Forest! Feel Excited!

    Experience the mysterious night sea, the sky full of stars and bright moonlight!? Explore Okinawa with a local guide!

  • Mt. Myogi

    Myogi Mountain Hiking Tour

    We walk along the ridge of Mt. Myogi, one of Japan's three great scenic wonders!

  • Japanese Shinto-style wedding photo (A sample image)

    Japanese Shinto-style wedding photo and Kaiseki dinner

    You can enjoy photo shooting in special Kimono and Kaiseki dinner at authentic restaurant.

  • Welcome to Yokohama!: "E-maki-zushi" , decorative Sushi-roll workshop for tourists

    Sushi-roll work shop for Japanese and non-Japanese tourists and citizens. We can issue a certificate of "Maki-zushi Instructor".

  • Canoeing

    Canoe on Tsugaru Shirakamiko Lake

    Tsugaru Shirakamiko Lake is not only beautiful but also tranquil; Even beginners can experience canoe safely.

  • Sendai Umino Mori

    TOHOKU BUFFET New famous place in Sendai

    Sendai Umino-Mori Aquarium+Mitsui Outlet Park Sendai Port+Lodging

  • Raclette cheese (Only for reference)

    Garden Spa Tokachigawa Onsen (Hot Spring): Making Raclette cheese washed with Moor Onsen Water at the Newly Opened Facility

    We wash a whole of cheese with moor onsen water; In about three months, it's matured one is available. You have a chance to try raclette cheese.

  • Rafting in Nagatoro

    [Chichibu] Nagatoro Rafting & the Iron Plate Barbecue & Great Observation Hot Spring Plan
    ~ Ikoi no Mura Village Heritage Mountain of beauty ~

    After enjoying rafting in Nagatoro, heal the fatigue at the observation hot spring, fill your stomach with beef, pork and chicken BBQ! No doubt it wil...

  • Light-up at Gokayama Ainokura Village

    [Kanazawa Night Tour, 16:30 departure from the station] Enjoy the two light-ups! World Heritage Gokayama and Castle Town Kanazawa

    On this luxurious tour you can enjoy two light-ups at the same time - the World Heritage Gokayama and Castle Town Kanazawa.

  • Grate fresh wasabi, a specialty of Izu

    [Nigirizushi Experience Making Akazawa] Make Sushi on your own using fresh Izu seafood!

    Be a sushi chef with a costume and a hat on♪ Experience making sushi on your own using fresh Izu seafood

  • Parde of women in Heian Period costumes

    Kyoto Jidai Matsuri Festival 【Oike-dori Street】 All Reserved seats with Brochure

    To view the Jidai Matsuri Festival comfortably, the reserved seats are recommended!

  • 1-Day Fruit Picking & All-You-Can-Eat BBQ Bus Tour (With English-speaking Guide / Round-trip from Fukuoka)

    1. Enjoy picking seasonal fruits at Fukuoka, one of Japan's most prominent fruit-producing areas. Eat as much fruit as you like!
    Fruit picking: Janua...

  • Tsugaru Neputa village

    TOHOKU BUFFET Tsugaru Classic Tour (with lunch)

    Tachineputa Museum+Lunch (Shijimi Ramen)+Tsugaru Neputa village

  • Jumping into the pool of fall.

    Osaka Falls guide tour Osaka: River Trekking Regular course

    Jumping into the pool of fall, down along the torrent natural water slider, you can clear your mind through refreshing experience in the stream.

  • Day auction in Shinminato fishing port (September-May)

    Shinminato Fishing Port Tour: Day Auction & Shinminato Kohaku-don (red & white sea-food bowl)

    1 pm-day auction rarely seen in other markets takes place here in Shinminato fishing port.
    Please enjoy the day auction tour by expert guide and Shinm...

  • Grape picking (image)

    Seasonal-Fruit Grape Picking & All-You-Can-Eat, Walking Around Mt. Fuji 5th Station, Ropeway Riding to Mt. Fuji Viewing Spot

    Strolling about 5th Station, Ropeway riding from Fuji-kohan station to observation deck, Drape-Picking and eating as much as you like, shopping in Kat...

  • Whale watching

    【Wakayama】 Whale watching

    An exciting encounter with whales and dolphins in the place where warm Kuroshio Current flows into Kumano-nada Sea.

  • Yashima panoramic view

    Hiking in Yashima <Autumn> [6 km course]

    Find yourself in the beauty of autumn trees while hiking the famous Mt.Yashima in Takamatsu, and enjoy ruin of mountain castle Yashima-no-ki and Yu-ka...

  • Taking photo with sumo-wrestler

    Walking Tour with Sumo wrestlers in Asakusa and Ryogoku

    This is a special tour where ex-sumo wrestler will guide you two historical towns - Ryogoku, sumo town, and Asakusa, popular sightseeing spot.

  • Electric potter's pottery experience

    Ceramic art experience with an electric potter's wheel! [Ceramics experiences Yawatano-gama]

    You can enjoy 40-minute ceramic art making and pick your favorite.

  • Shirakawa-go

    SHORYUDO Highway Bus Ticket Wide area (valid for 5 days)

    This ticket provides unlimited use of highway and route buses connecting the popular tourist sites in the SHORYUDO area and gives you free access to C...

  • Beautiful, comfortable, and stays in place! Our experienced staff will handle your fitting.

    [Rental Kimono] Take on the airs of a Kyoto lady while strolling downtown in a kimono.

    Take an atmospheric "tour of Kyoto" while styled in a kimono.

  • Enjoy freely in your own style

    [Kochi] Stand Up Paddle Board along Shimanto River
    Half Day Course <Afternoon>

    Enjoy your freestyle paddleboarding while surrounded by magestic landscapes and clear streams of water!

  • 1-Day Dazaifu & Yanagawa Tour via Nishitetsu Train (with English-speaking Interpreter Guide)

    1. Ride the Tabito, a sightseeing train beautifully decorated in aesthetically pleasing Japanese patterns and featuring designs of famous Dazaifu sigh...

  • Experience Making Takoyaki (Octopus Dumplings)

    It is an experience making takoyaki using the takoyaki device.
    You will try Vienna sausage, cheese, mochi rice-cake, and spicy cod roe besides octopus...

  • Tanesashi Coast

    TOHOKU BUFFET Seafood Pot Lunch at Fishing Harbour

    Seafood pot lunch

  • Over-100-year-old cedar forest road

    【Social Field Study】a guide will take you to the about-2000-hectare (4,900 acres) forest, normally a private area. You will walk in the nature, the unique green paradise of 100 years of planned forestry (Nature therapy)

    Koiwai farm's park rangers will guide you to wildlife.

  • Minakami ・ Kappa CLUB

    Shower Climbing (Canyoning)

    Take a stroll deep into the mountains, climb past the streams of crystal clear water, and slide down the waterfall with our professional guide. Elemen...

  • Bonsai-making Experience & Omiya Bonsai Art Museum Tour

    1. Enjoy seeing many popular bonsai works of art at the Bonsai Art Museum and Bonsai Village on this tour.
    2. Try making your own mini bonsai work of...

  • Wearing kimono (A sample image)

    Wearing kimono and tea ceremony experience

    This is the best plan to experience to feel Japanese traditional culture. You can participate with your family or friends.

  • Stand up paddle boarding experience

    Feel like walking on the sea viewing Mt. Fuji.
    First Stand-up-Paddle-Board Experience!

    Stand up paddle boarding (SUP) is one of water sports where the surfer moves through the water while standing on a board; The modern sport of SUP is o...

  • Ozashiki asobi (traditional Japanese party with geiko in a tatami-room)

    Meet with Geisha and enjoy a "Ozashiki Asobi" - traditional Japanese party

    Enjoy the dance and song of geiko, a person of the arts, in a tatami room while playing traditional Japanese games and listening to the secret stories...

  • Early summer Lake Aoki Northern Japan Alps Hakuba-sanzan(in the background)

    Lake Aoki, with Best Quality Crystal Water, forest and lake.
    Kayak Half day course≪Shinano-omachi at the Foot of Northern Japan Alps≫

    Kayaking over the best quality of water mysteriously blue and clear. We recommend lakeside barbecue(BBQ) plan.

    Drive about 60 mins to NHK drama "San...

  • Aomori Tourist Center, ASPM

    TOHOKU BUFFET: Aomori half day tour C (with dinner)

    Nebuta house “Wa Rasse” + ASPM observation tower + Memorial Ship + Dinner

    *Nebuta House Wa Rasse is a museum of Aomori Nebuta. You can see 4 ful...

  • Hitachi Autumn Flower Festival, Fruit Picking, Sushi & Brewery Tour

    This bus tour visits famous spots for viewing flowers and enjoying delicious food in the outskirts of Tokyo that can be tricky to visit alone.

  • Visit Secret Cherry Blossom Places by a chartered vehicle in Japan (Spring only)

    You can visit Secret Cherry Blossom Places by a chartered vehicle.

  • Nature Segway Ride

    Segway Ride through Nature

    Get on a Segway and take a long ride to explore the natural beauty of a seasonal forest and scenic trails with our experienced guide.

  • Matsui bussan Product Amanohashidate Gozen Lunch with a round-trip cable car ticket to Kasamatsu Park

    How about enjoying lunch at Amanohashidate Matsui bussan" which is a popular roadside restaurant in Tango district?"

  • Lake Akan (A sample image)

    The Miracle of Lake Akan: Cruise and Walk Focused on Marimo

    This is a tour focused on the symbol of the Lake Akan, "Marimo". How come big moss balls called "Marimo" only grow in lake Akan? We will try to solve ...

  • Hokusei-no-Oka View Park

    Biei Round Tour: Picturesque Patchwork Hill Course!

    Original Chartered Taxi Tour: Driving around Patchwork Hill as freely as you wish/

  • Bonfire and bar at Aqua Green Village ANMON

    You can enjoy a fire and a barbecue near the World Natural Heritage site, Shirakami-Sanchi.

  • Walking in the site registered under the Ramsar convention: Hiking in Chatsubomigoke moss colony Park with snowshoes on

    We walk with snowshoes on about 5km from around Anajigoku, the largest moss colony of Jungermannia vulcanicola (called Chatsubomigoke in Japanese) in ...

  • Himi Fishing Port

    Visit Himi Fishing Port & Have a Delicious Freshly Caught Fish for Breakfast!

    Visit Himi fishing port and enjoy a freshly caught fish for your breakfast served at the market restaurant!

  • One day trip to Nagaragawa hot spring: Walking around Gifu castle, having lunch in a private room and getting in a hot spring.

    You can feel as if you were in the age of civil wars; You can enjoy both of the beautiful scenery of Nagara River and Mt. Kinka while getting in a hot...

  • [Gamagori] LAGUNA TEN BOSCH
    All aboard the ONE PIECE Thousand Sunny Ship!
    Cruise along Mikawa Bay!

    Take a memorial photo with the Gang of straw inside the ship, or enjoy cruising while feeling the ocean breeze on the deck! Get the original boarding ...

  • Hakata Doll Painting Workshop

    You can paint Hakata doll which is traditional craft of Fukuoka. You will paint an unglazed doll with your favorite colors.

  • Agatsuma Canyon with colored leaves

    Agatsuma Canyon Colored-Leaf Eco Tour

    A trace of a fort in Agatsuma Canyon? When? By whom?
    What was it made for?
    We will expose ourselves to the history behind the beautiful canyon and ...

  • 【Edo oiran show】 Enjoy the high-class courtesan show in Tokyo! (English narration is available!)

    You can experience Japanese-style courtesan culture of Edo era at the show!

  • Seto Ohashi Bridge Sightseeing Boat

    Seto Ohashi Bridge Sightseeing Boat

    Ride a boat, up close to the famous Seto Ohashi Bridge and enjoy the view of the large and small islands in the Seto Inland Sea.

  • Nishimeya village

    World Natural Heritage: Course of walking in the beech forest

    This is a only course of walking through the Heritage site with a professional guide; Beginners are welcome.

  • Resort Shirakami

    TOHOKU BUFFET World Natural Heritage Site Shirakami Sanchi and Sunset of the Sea of Japan (B)

    Resort Shirakami train+Lodging

  • Flower Arrangement (Ikebana) Experience in Tokyo

    Literally, Ikebana means ‘flowers kept alive’.

    Shoka focuses on the beauty of birth, when plants start sprouting.

    Learn from qualified teachers ...

  • You can make tasty sushi with us easily!

    Sushi Making Experience with our Sushi Chef at Satsumaya Sushi Restaurant in Fujisawa

    Satsumaya Sushi Restaurant is a well-established sushi restaurant that has been in business since 1955. Sushi lessons are taught by our 30-year experi...

  • Why don’t you try Yuzen-Style Dyeing at a Fabulous Merchant House "Mayu"?

    Experience Kyo-Yuzen, (dyeing technique) ! You can make an only work of art in the world!

  • Fukuoka Home Cooking Class

    You can enjoy learning how to make Japanese dishes at a local family's home.

  • Cheese Garden

    TOKYO SKYTREE with CHEESE GARDEN Light Snack or Cheesecake at the Cheese Garden


    ●TOBU RAILWAY Section-Limited 1DAY ...

  • SUP (Stand Up Paddle board) Experience in Enoshima Island

    You head for Enoshima Island from Katase Beach on the SUP.You paddleboard for Enoshima Island from Katase Beach. You must be excited over fantastic v...

  • Luxury Tour - Try delicious crabs in its peak season and enjoy exploring Kanazawa City - Free Plan Tour

    Get on a sightseeing bus and go around Kanazawa town, try Japanese sweets, experience local crafts like gilt pasting, try seasonal crabs cooked in a F...

  • Various designs♪

    [Sabo & Taiken-kobo Sakurazaka] Glass Art Experience Workshop

    Everyone can enjoy glass art painting!

  • Tsuru-tsuru Udon Miyosiya
    Enjoy making udon and sake tasting

    Experience making udon, one of Japan’s three great noodles (ramen, soba, udon) , by hand.

    Challenge yourself to make udon, the dish which nourishes...

  • Wasobi
    Commemorative photos and stroll in a kimono in central Osaka

    Try on a light-hearted, reasonably priced kimono, right next to Osaka’s well connected Honmachi metro station. You can choose your kimono from 50 de...

  • Stand-up Paddle Boarding for Beginners: School & Cruise!

    Beginners and women are also welcome. You could feel dignity of the Atomic Bomb Dome on the river. It would be a precious memorable experience to padd...

  • Walk through the forest

    [Kagawa ・ Shodo Island] Shodo Island Walking Tour

    Walk through forests, rocks and caves, enjoy the beautiful island scenery

    Enjoy the nature preserve, stroll through the mountains, forests, olive terraces, observe temples and visit a storage of soy sauce in this walking tou...

  • Umegae mochi (rice cakes with azuki bean filling)

    Umegae Mochi Making Experience

    Using the same cooking style utilized by local teahouses and
    experience making the specialty of Dazaifu City -"Umegae Mochi" - rice cakes with azuki b...

  • Nuno-Zori making

    Sakuran Japanese Cloth Sandals(nuno-zori) Workshop (Kanagawa Nadeshiko Brand)

    You can make a stylish and comfortable pair of nuno-zori room sandals refined for modern life from traditional Japanese straw ones.

  • 【Kanazawa】 Pretty Japanese Confectionery (Wagashi) Making Workshop: Making seasonal high-grade Japanese fresh confections at Koshiyama-Kanseido, 125-year-established confectionary

    Why don't you enjoy making traditional Japanese unbaked confections at the 125-year-estavlished confectionary in Kanazawa?

  • Waterfall climbing! <Zero Gravity - Half Day Family Plan>

    Summer only! Fun for children! A Tour throw a New Dimension!
    Unite with nature and spend time with the family! Waterfall Climbing, Water Slider, Water...

  • Taste and compare Cha-Kabuki Gelato in a unique experience.
    Green Tea Gelato Tasting at High Class Gelato Shop "Gelato Vene" in Kyoto

    You can participate in a tea-ceremony experience in Kyoto.
    Generally, in a tea-ceremony, you can learn about the heart of "the once-in-a-lifetime chan...

  • Washoku Home Cooking-Machiko
    Japanese confectionery cooking class known to a select few

    This cooking class is a secret discovered by word-of-mouth, and shows you how to create confections which are the genuine article. The instructor, Mac...

  • Kasuga Grand Shrine Kihin-kan (Distinguished guest Hall)

    【Kasuga Taisha Grand Shrine】

    Modern Japanese-style architecture and a complex of Japanese gardens. See the treasures of Kasuga Grand Shrine: The Main Worship Hall, VIP guests Hall, famous Garden of Mirei Shigemori

    Shinto priestesses and maidens will guide you through the special worship plan. You can see special visitors coming to Okariden-Hall (The Main Worship...

  • Town Strolling in Kimono

    Wear kimono or yukata, and enjoy the city of Fukuoka.

  • Geibikei

    TOHOKU BUFFET world heritage Hiraizumi and the downstream boat with a beautiful view (lunch included)

    Pokemon train+Geibikei Downstream Boat+Chusonji Temple visitation ticket

  • Photo of Handmade candle for illustrative purposes only

    Round Candle Making Workshop: Design Just Like a Colorful Planet!

    How about a handmade candle as your pleasant memory in Nikko! It can be a fantastic souvenir!

  • Jungle cruise of beautiful night view of factories ☆Kanagawa sightseeing award☆

    This is a plan to enjoy the night view of the factories by cruiser! The special course on Fridays which is 10 minutes longer than usual!

  • A chartered bath

    Lunch and chartered bath plan

    This plan includes lunch in a private room and taking both a reserved bath for 50 min. and a large public bath.

  • "First Walking Pilgrimage" includes accommodation

    This is a package tour with lodging, perfect for beginners who want to experience the walking piligrimage of about 10 km from the first Fudasho Buddhi...

  • Experience time - 15 minutes. Round-trip driving on the station premises.

    Only here you can drive a real diesel locomotive!
    [Rikubetsu railway train driving experience] 1 day trip bus package

    Only here you can drive a real diesel train!
    Railroad fans, let's gather! How about getting a valuable locomotive driving experience?

  • Namahage Museum ・Oga Shinzan Folklore Museum

    TOHOKU BUFFET Enjoy Namahage & Oga Peninsula

    Namahage Museum・Oga Shinzan Folklore Museum + Oga Aquarium GAO

  • Mentaiko (Salted pollack roe) tasting

    You can compare five kinds of pollack roes products by eating, and learn the history. Also, omelet with roe, dried spicy cod roe, rice and miso soup a...

  • Moor hot spring (A sample image)

    "Garden Spa Tokachigawa Onsen": New Interactive Facilities Hokkaido's Heritage "Moor Hot Spring" Spa with swimsuits on

    You can get in the Moor Hot Spring in swimsuits; Hot spring Jucuzzi, hot spring mist sauna, hot bath, outdoor pool, water-playing fountain, etc. (Some...

  • Fujita memorial garden

    TOHOKU BUFFET Experience in making Japanese sweets and tea.

    Making Japanese sweets + Green tea + Landscape garden
    ※Japanese sweets

  • Trial Naginata Practice and coffee break

    TOHOKU BUFFET Experience in Castle town Naginata

    Naginata practice with Sweets & tea

  • Maesawa beef sukiyaki lunch

    TOHOKU BUFFET World Heritage Hiraizumi Full Tour(lunch included)

    Chusonji Temple visitation ticket+lunch+1-day bus pass

  • Agricultural EXPERIENCE TOUR

    TOHOKU BUFFET Farmer experience.

    Agricultural experience + Lodging

  • Explore North Kanto (Ibaraki, Tochigi, Gunma) in an S-class Rental Car with a 3-night 4-day Stay in a Hotel (Tokyo Departure)

    Head out on a trip to Ibaraki, Tochigi, and Gunma from Tokyo for about 2-3 hours! This is a bargain plan that includes a stay at a hotel and a rental ...

  • Relax and refresh yourself in the forest

    Gankoyama Master Tree life 2-days camping
    Adult Tom Sawyer experience
    Gankoyama Tree House Village

    Adult Tom Sawyer experience at the secret base in the forest.
    Refresh yourself with [Forest Yoga] or [Forest walking].
    On the second day make your own...

  • Tebineri hand-forming workshop

    Tebineri(Hand Forming)Pottery Workshop [Ceramics experiences Yawatano-kama]

    You can make as many pieces as you like with 1 kilogram of clay at Yawatano-kama.

  • Japan Tate-do Association
    Samurai & ninja training from a sword fighting pro

    The samurai spirit preserved in modern Japan. Now you can experience that spirit and action. After selection from over 100 kimono costumes, it begins ...

  • Experience Weaving at the Old Folk House Enjoy weaving at your own pace from one-hour course viewing Niyodo river below.

    Beginners, adults and children are all welcome. Friends, family or one person can enjoy weaving at their own pace. Make original lovely pieces by choo...

  • Quick kimono Dress-Up Experience

    You can quickly wear a "WASOMI" brand kimono which is good enough to make you feel never tired. After dressing up, why don't you photograph yourselv...

  • Fukuoka Walking Tour

    You can enjoy walking around a historical area "Hakata" with professional English speaking guide.

  • Boya Farm

    2017 Early Summer and Autumn Tokachi Regular Tourist Bus

    Explore magnificent Tokachi by visiting Makubetsu "Strawberry Farm", Boya Farm (sheepdog trials), Happiness Dairy (cheese and gelato), Ikeda Wine Cast...

  • Anmonnotaki waterfalls (The third fall)

    Let's play in the rivers of Anmon, Shirakami-Sanch: Shower climbing.

    Anmonnotaki Waterfalls, a popular spot in Shiralami-Sanchi, is a only place to play in the World Natural Heritage site; A professional guide leads you...

  • Let's play in a clear stream of Okawa, or Iwakigawa River: Shower climbing.

    You can play in Okawa, or Iwakigawa River of Shirakami-Sanchi. There is infinite possibilities to play; Diving in the water, getting splashed in the w...

  • Koiwai Farm

    TOHOKU BUFFET Koiwai Farm Full Tour

    Koiwai Farm Makiba Garden entry ticket+go by tractor bus to nature tour

  • Sacred place 'Jizo Kura'

    [Okura-Village, Yamagata] Climb 'Jizo Kura', the opening place of legendary rocky Hijiori onsen! [Bathing in 1,200-year-old secluded Hijiori onsen included]

    Climb sacred 'Jizo Kura' and see holy Mt. Gassan.
    Bathe and refresh yourself in Hijiori onsen after the climbing.


    You can enjoy making Japanese pottery even if you are a total beginner.

  • Many wonderful spots for great photos available! On the[Butterfly Bench]

    [Lake Kawaguchi]Dress-up a princess in the Music Box Forest ♪Princess Plan (90mins)

    Take photos of you wearing an elegant dress in the garden that was loved by the royalty and nobility. Many photo spots available on the premises. Expe...

  • Maiko come sround to each of you and pour sake for you.

    [Enjoy spending time with Maiko in Gion, Kyoto]

    Having a luxurious time with Maiko in the entertainment district in Kyoto.

  • Design pocket
    Create a realistic Japanese Foodish (Food replica model)

    Experience making the sushi Foodish famed as Japanese art. Select two from six toppings including salmon, prawn and tuna, and delicately paint it to p...

  • Instant Ramen Museum
    Make your very own favorite unique cup ramen

  • Sake Tasting Experience

    Firmly input the flavor and aroma of Kyushu's sake, and then you will taste five kinds of Sake.

  • Make your own original shisa by forming and painting by yourself!

    [Okinawa Art-taiken Churakaji] ☆ Shisa ornament painting experience, at WEB special price!

    Just drop by to make a colorful shisa with no booking while strolling kokusai-dori street.

  • Mogami River

    TOHOKU BUFFET Cruise down in Mogami River (with lunch)

    Cruise (with lunch)

  • Agatsuma Canyon

    Crossing Dorokujin Hill Pass: Fresh Green Eco Tour

    We walk along Dorokujin hill ancient pass, Sanada Honjin and Iwabitsu castle near Agatsuma canyon.
    Hike to a giant Tochinoki tree with nostalgia!

  • Fudo Long-Bridge

    Yamasato power spot Colored-Leaf Eco Tour

    Who in the Sanada family placed the headquarters in "Hayashi no Sato, Suwa no mori″? For further information on courses, wait till the day♪ We w...

  • Nakayoshi Railway

    See, Take a ride and Experience
    Minami-kaga Transportation Industry Sightseeing Tour

    This tour is mainly based on vehicles such as aircrafts, buses, cars, railways. Come to a Vehicles Town: see, ride and experience!

  • Shamisen

    Steps from Tojinbo basaltic cliffs! Recommended by Sakai City Shamisen Experience in <Takeyoshi>

    Learn how to play shamisen, the three-stringed traditional Japanese musical instrument, in a stylish shop of Edo Kouta Takeyoshi.

  • Archery experience in the forest

    【Archery Experience】OK for Children Ages 5 and Up! Authentic Archery & American style BBQ in the Middle of a Forest Field

    Try our "Archery in the Forest" experience - run around all of the 12 targets installed on the territory and keep track of your score on score cards. ...

  • Nigirizushi (Hand-Shaped Sushi) Making Workshop

    You will make "nigirizushi", the best-known traditional Japanese food, with your
    You can eat the sushi which you have made yourself!
    (with pickled gi...

  • Fukuoka Bike Tour

    You can enjoy cycling around Fukuoka City with professional English speaking guide.

  • An experience of compounding original fragrances

    [Oita Fragrance Museum] - Make Your own Original Scent Perfume!

    Make your own perfume!

  • Stroll Around Kuroishi, Aomori! Explore the town of long-standing merchant houses on Komise Street.〈Gourmet Food included〉

    This popular course visits downtown area of Kuroishi. Enjoy traditional snacks, rice cake and "Kuroishi gourmet bento" for lunch.

  • Make Shirakami soba

    Make Shirakami soba at Suigen-no-sato

    Make soba with Kitawase buckwheat grown in the clean air and pure water of Natural World Heritage site, Shirakami-Sanchi, Compare your own soba with m...

  • Aqua Green Village ANMON

    See and enjoy a Natural World Heritage site! Takakuramori trekking

    See Mother Tree, the symbol of Shirakami-Sanchi, and enjoy a rejuvenating walk in the woods.
    Get an idea of the scale of Shirakami-Sanchi, seeing it ...

  • The work of safflower dyes *The image for reference only

    [Yamagata Prefecture Yonezawa City] Challenge Traditional 'Hand-woven' and 'Safflower Dyes'! Make your original work.

    Experience traditional textile dyes inherited from Uesugi Clan!

  • The history theme park 'Aizu Samurai Residence'

    [Aizu Wakamatsu] Visit the History Theme Park 'Aizu Samurai Buke-yashiki Residen' and a Hands-on experience of Aizu Handicrafts! (Glass Picture Carving, Akabeko Painting and Koboshi Painting)

    This tour visits the history theme park 'Aizu Buke-yashiki in Fukushima. A hands-on experience of Aizu Handicrafts included!

  • Nasu Kogen Canyoning! Play in the River with Family!

    New sensation! The adventure of playing in the river! Enjoy your family time in the great nature in Nasu Kogen!

  • Uzumagawa River

    RELAX IN TOCHIGI Traditional Japanese Storehouse Town Tochigi

    Tochigi city is richly decorated with historic buildings that remain intact from the Edo, Meiji, and Taisho Periods.
    Running through the middle of to...

  • Tanigawa dake Ichinokurasawa *The image for reference only


    Find the charm of people and places in Minakami with a local guide. We conduct time-limited small programs.

  • Unique Calligraphy experience with calligraphy designer

    Experience calligraphy, one of Japanese traditional culture.
    You will experience writing your favorite words by learning basic writing technique on t...

  • Let's capture 'happy moments'!

    An Experienced Guide Shows you Around Popular Spots in Tokyo: [Photo Guide Tour] Popular guided tour to discover the real charm of Tokyo! [Half a day or a day tour]

    This photo guide tour provides photo shoot and guided-tour. Our experienced photographer takes photos of participants and guides to tourist attraction...

  • Tea ceremony experience at Kouroan.

    Even if you don't know anything about tea ceremony etiquette but you are interested in tea ceremony, you can enjoy the experience.

  • Sakai Risho no Mori
    Meet the master of the tea ceremony and enjoy Japanese tea and confectionery

    Experience the tea ceremony at the birthplace of Sen no Rikyu, the creator of its foundations, in Sakai, Osaka. See a master preform the “Ryurei tea...

  • Enjoy a fantastic atmosphere at night!

    Restaurant Kamakura-Village (Snow Hut Village)

    The village is open for about one month, from the end of January to the end of February, and is made up of over 15 snow huts.
    Come to the Kamakura res...

  • Kita-Shinshu Iiyama [Journey to a calm countryside of snow huts]

    This package tour to Shinshu-Iiyama includes an overnight stay at the farm-inn and Noroshi nabe (a specialty stew of Iiyama filled with mushrooms, veg...
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